Our Operation

Our goal is to maintain a cow herd that can produce Sierra Lands Beef while having continuous access to fresh feed, clean water, and a healthy, low stress life that benefits the land we manage through proper grazing practices. We practice sustainable grazing by blancing the livestocks needs with the need to promote healthy and productive grasslands while maintaining biodiversity and protecting riparian areas.

The SLB herd has been built up using Angus bulls selected for functionality and traits that allow our cattle to thrive in the Sierra Foothill environment. Our product is a result of raising cattle that can harvest the annual and perennial grasslands of the foothills while maintaining adequate body condition to not only breed back, but to finish out to an end product on nothing more than grass. In order to accomplish this, our cows must be sound in their feet and leg structure and have enough fleshing ability to maintain condition throughout the year.  We have selected for a moderate framed animal that still has added growth potential and moderate milk production.  AI breeding has helped us to make genetic change more rapidly by using breed leading sires in certain traits.

In order for a steer or heifer to finish on grass, they must be well suited for the specific environment they are in. A moderate framed, easy fleshing animal with plenty of depth and capacity will utilize and convert grass into a higher quality end product in a shorter time period. Also, a higher genetic potential for marbling results in an animal that is more quickly finished and with a grass finished animal is of increased importance.  Selecting for the correct type of Angus cattle has allowed us to breed these attributes into our herd and benefits our production system.

Our cow herd has been culled for disposition and mothering ability while placing high fertility as an overall goal to aim towards. Lowering birth weights has helped our calf crop and stimulated our heifer development program. We continue to improve our program through managing our cattle nutritionally, maintaining a health and vaccination program, and keeping bio-security measures in effect.